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University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - Class of 2021
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Site Note: FUCK AI

Well, mostly. I've used it occassionally to assist in coding small portions of this website, but I will NEVER use it to produce any article contents, text explanations, or anything that requires any artistic liberty on my website. And if you let it do that on your website, rethink your goals and your life, please.

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Welcome to my website! My name is Samuel (Sam) Hohenshell. I started learning about software engineering while I was still a physics major at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities College of Science and Engineering. I soon switched over and got a B.S. in Computer Science and have loved doing coding projects ever since.

This website started as a way to practice web development/Django and evolved into a medium to explain/show off my personal projects, write articles about things that interest me, practice JavaScript by making web apps, expand my HTML/CSS/JS/Next.js/React.js/PostgreSQL/Prisma/TypeScript knowledge, and more.