Here is a collection of all of my personal coding projects. None of these were work/school assignments, just stuff I made and did for fun! Note: they're roughly ordered from newest to oldest, so my "best" work is mostly near the top!

Godot 2D Games

2D games made in Godot 4

Speedrun Buddy

A Chrome Extension that enhances your speedrunning viewer experience

3D Virtual Art Museum

An in-browser, WebGL-based 3D art museum filled with lots of my favorite horror art. It is built with three.js and is a traversable and interactable environment.

Godot 3D Games

3D games made in Godot 4

MTG Flavor-Color Guessing Game

An in-browser Magic: The Gathering game where you guess the color identity of a random card based on its flavor text

Hoenn Tour

An interactive map that loops gifs and audio for an immersive tour of Hoenn.

Star Wars Publishing Context

A tool to get publishing context of Star Wars media around a given date


A sci-fi, text adventure game based on Zork


A silly relaxation app

Conway's Game of Life

A command-line application that reads in an initial seed from a csv file then runs the zero player game "Conway's Game of Life" on it.

Alien Invasion

The classic arcade game in pygame


A markov chain based text analysis bot that:

  1. Reads and sorts through any given text file then
  2. Produces a random string of characters of a specified length "speaking" like the analyzed text.

Encrypt Word

A program that encrypts a secret message with the Vigenère cipher and hides it in a normal-looking word-doc with invisible ink.


An unbeatable tic-tac-toe game


This website (I know, very meta)

Voice Emulator

Uses the 39 phonems of ARPABET to create a custom text-to-speech bot of a recorded voice.

SWRPG Dice Roller

An online custom-dice roller written so my friends and I can all play even if we don't each have a set of RPG dice.