Godot 2D Games


I wanted to try making some video games, so I did some tutorials in Godot 4. After completing a few tutorials, I wanted to try making some simple, quick games where I made all the assets, music, art, etc. The games below are some of what I came up with! I didn't spend longer than a few days on any of them, however. You wont find any game of the year winners, but I enjoyed doing this, and I like it all as a bit of a proof of concept if I ever want to make something bigger in the future. Try them out, and/or check out the code, below!

Alby's Adventure

A single player game where you play as an albatross venturing across the pacific ocean. Collect fish to get extra points, and be sure to avoid the lightning bolts and airplanes! Check out the code here or play below on itch.


A two player, local multiplayer game. Use WASD for player 1 movement and the arrow keys for player 2 movement. Balls spawn every few seconds. Try and hit your opponent with one of your balls! Check out the code here or play below on itch.

Wave Survival Game

A wave survival game (duh) inspired by the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops: Zombies. This is just the bare bones of a game like this; I know it could be upgraded to be a lot cooler quite quickly, but I just wanted to get a quick game up and running for fun. Try it out and attempt to survive all 10 waves! Check out the code here or play below on itch. As just a little "TODO" list, I'll list below some of the things I'd love to add to a project like this...

  • More upgrades (e.g. a "Bullet Damage Increase" box, a "Speed Upgrade" box, etc.)
  • More enemies (larger enemies, faster enemies, enemies with different art, etc.)
  • More guns (a "Sniper" whose bullets penetrate multiple enemies, an "RPG" that does area of effect damage, etc.)
  • A real theme (get rid of the shitty art, sound effects, etc. and replace them with some actually interesting, polished theme like alien sci-fi, western, etc.)
  • Add "Drops" that sometimes randomly fall from enemies (a "nuke" that destroys all enemies on the screen, a "freeze" that freezes all enemies on the screen, a "magnet" that instantly collects all coins on the screen, etc.)


Another two player, local multiplayer game. I've occasionally thought of this one game I played around a decade ago at a friend's house. How it went was three players, all using controllers, moved little avatars across the screen. They tried to blend in with all the movements of the NPC characters. Another player, who controlled some gun or something, would try to pick out and snipe the 3 player controlled characters before they reached the finish line. I think it was on the xbox 360. Anyway, I spent like 20 minutes messing around with ChatGPT the other day trying to figure out what that game was, but I couldn't get the name. I decided that I'd just try making a clone of it based on memory! This, of course, is less polished than it, but I'm pretty proud of how it turned out considering this took me just over a day to finish. Check out the code here or play below on itch.


"Asteroids" is one of my favorite classic games. Doctor "Aphra" is one of my favorite fictional characters. BOOM. "Aphroids" is born. This is pretty much an asteroids clone, but I had an afternoon where I wanted code video games, so I thought it could be a little bit of a challenge to get the whole game done in an afternoon and I did! It was good practice for parallax backgrounds, the asteroids-style character movement, spawning algorithms, and more. I kinda wanted an excuse to make Sana Starros's spaceship in pixel art too, so this provided me that as well. Check out the code here or play below on itch.

Temple Take

Frogger is a classic and probably my favorite arcade game. I decided I wanted to make a game generally in the style of it; thus was the birth of "Temple Take"! Honestly, this was kind of an annoying game to make. The collisions with the alligators and turtles were surprisingly difficult to get working exactly right, and I ended up having to rewrite the entire movement script because of it. Still, this project was great practice for collision detection, grid-based movement, and more! Check out the code here or play below on itch.


Who doesn't love bullet hell games? Personally, they are one of my favorite types. I just finished Archvale a few weeks ago and that game was, in my opinion, an expert version of a cute and satisfying bullet hell game. I thought it would be cool and simple enough to make a bullet hell game myself, so I came up with the idea of the player being stranded on some island or "Podium" and having to survive an onslaught of waves from some mechanical foe. Therefore, I came up with Podium! It was fun to make, and adding a bunch of phases was surprisingly easy. It was great practice for trying a few other things I had never tried in Godot before as well like spacial audio, making sound effects from things I had lying around my house (the whirring of my computer fan, the mechanical sound of my desk raising and lowering, etc.), and more! Check out the code here or play below on itch.

Created: 10/05/2023
Last Updated: 11/21/2023