To showcase some of my interests as well as practice more web development skills, I've written a couple of articles on things I enjoy. Feel free to browse!

NYT Crosswords

An article on my New York Times crossword obsession and puzzle submission

What do you think?

A page for me to practice utilizing database functionality by collecting and displaying visitors' thoughts

How to Doom Someone to Eternal Torment

My explanation and analysis of "Roko's Baselisk" - a potentially dangerous thought experiment

Aurebesh Translator

Translate English to Galactic Aurebesh

The Dangers of Phishing

My warning about and proof of how easy it is to phish. Note: this page had to be modified because it originally got my website shut down...

Favorite Unix Commands

Power to the people! Unix is so trusting and empowering that it can sometimes be dangerous... Here are a few of my favorite commands.

Favorite Physics Equations

A few of the math/physics equations I find the most cool or interesting

Favorite Star Wars Songs

Star Wars and Star Wars music has shaped my childhood and early adulthood. I've compiled a list of the top songs.

Nintendo Franchises Ranked By Soundtrack

My most listened to "genre" of music by far is video game music, with the most common game development company I listen to being Nintendo. Nintendo has some incredible music franchises - here is my ranking.

An Analysis of Human Decision Making

I often worry about decision making. With that, I've thought a lot about what it means to make a decision and how I actually go about it. This is an odd article, but I think about it a lot so I wanted to write a blog-style post on it.