Aurebesh Translator

One of the beauties of the Star Wars galaxy is its diversity, one of its more notable elements being the galaxy's wide array of languages and dialects. By far the most common language, however, is Galactic Basic which is often simplified to just Basic. This is the standard language in the galaxy and is comprised mostly of what we would call the English language. Aurebesh is the name of the written script used to transcribe Basic, and can be seen all over the Star Wars movies, comics, television series, etc.

Tractor beam control from Episode IV. The top version shows the original English while the bottom shows the translation to Aurebesh, which was added in later releases of the movie.

The helmet Rey wears at her "home" in Episode VII has Aurebesh inscription on the side.
Disney World's Star Wars theme park "Galaxy's Edge" has Aurebesh signs scattered about the park.
Aurebesh is heavily used in Star Wars animated series including all seasons of Clone Wars.

The English translation of Aurebesh is almost completely a one-to-one translation of English to Aurebesh letters, as seen in this diagram:

Below, I used an Aurebesh font and some javascript to translate anything you input in English to its Aurebesh equivalent. Try it out!
Usage Note: Only use Aurebesh-alphabet characters (see image above)

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