About the project:

"game_1" is the placeholder name for my text-based adventure game inspired by the classic "Zork" franchise. This is by far the project I am most proud of. I love thinking creatively and worldbuilding in my head, so in the summer of 2019 I decided to start work on a game that would bring something physical to my ideas. As a full time student, I don't have much time to work on it during the school year, but during every break and times when I have increased free time, I make sure to progress on it.

In "game_1", players take control of a janitor landing on a martian base. Expecting a scene bustling with activity, you find it abandoned and ripe with foul play... Without even a minute to get your bearings, it's up to you to figure out what's going on deep in humanity's final frontier.

You can find all the code here.

While the game is text-based, it is intended to be played with maps (similar to Zork). Right now, most of the game takes place in four "domes", the landing dome, main dome, research dome, and residential dome. The process of working on the project is to work dome by dome. Here are some sketches (which are to be be updated) of the martian base this game takes place on (click on the right and left ends of the images to navigate):

For a taste of the game, here is the opening text:
Date: May 10, 2045
Location: 1,000 km from Mars, 54,599,000 km from Earth
You are almost to Mars.
Until now, the intent of your solo flight from Earth was nothing more than an initial commute to work;
you were just hired as Mars’ “facilities manager” (glorified janitor). Minutes ago, however, you
received the following message…
Dear Mr. Adams,
Our Martian station has failed to provide their daily report for three days now. We understand this is
not your main employment objective, but due to the pressing nature of this issue and as an employee of
the United Nations’ Extraterrestrial Expansion Association, we request your assistance in contacting
our Martian-based communications director before your allotted rest and integration period. We suspect
the problem stems from a malfunction with our transmitter’s photopropulsion apparatus, a problem, as
you know, that is best handled by a team. It should not take longer than one work day. Thank you for
your willingness to help.
A little less than an hour later, your ship touches down at the UNEEA's Martian base...

Location: Office Hall
A white, cylindrical tube. There are doors to the offices and conference room. A sign is tacked on to
the door to the southeastern office.

What do you do? ...